Ladyboys - the Third Gender in Thailand

Enjoy the company of a beautiful ladyboy on your vacation or get yourself a wife that knows what a man wants.

When looking for a sweetheart in Thailand, you are not limited to the usual two options; you have a third option as well: ladyboys. Thai ladyboys are generally more adventurous and less social inhibited than girls. They have grown up as boys, and thus not raised to be "good girls".

A Ladyboy for a Vacation

In Thailand, you will find an abundance of ladyboys in the nightly entertainment areas targeting tourists, and especially in the entertainment areas in Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong. The ladyboys you find in the nightly entertainment areas will expect compensation for the time they spend with you.

Please be aware that a few bad apples have given the ladyboys in the entertainment areas a bad reputation. However, they are not all bad; nonetheless, you should not carry a large amount of cash on you if you approach one or more ladyboys and you should not leave smartphone, camera, laptop and other expensive equipment unsupervised.

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Another place to find a ladyboy is on a dating service. In most countries, dating services let you choose between interest in a man or a girl. However, dating services for Thailand, typically, let you choose a ladyboy as well. The dating service Mizz Thai has specialised in establishing contact between a tourist and a guide/partner for your holiday in Thailand.

If you look for a ladyboy on a dating service and you are not looking for a long term relationship, please let her know that from the start. You should not lie about your intentions. If you are not looking for a long-term relationship but only for some holiday fun and experimentation, be upfront about it. Being upfront will also result in a better experience as you will get to meet a like-minded ladyboy.

A Ladyboy for a Long-term Relationship

Ladyboys are not limited to certain places or jobs. You can find them everywhere in Thai society. Many works in traditionally female jobs like fashion stores and perfume shops, but they also work in factories, in offices, and even as models. You will also find many working in the nightly entertainment business, either because of the lifestyle or because they can earn more money for the expensive operations that way.

It can be difficult to meet and get to know a ladyboy that works in an ordinary job. It is much easier to meet a ladyboy in the nightly entertainment business, although then it is not easy to know if she is interested in a serious relationship. Besides, you may not want a girlfriend or wife with that kind of experience.

Another way to meet a ladyboy for a serious relationship is on a dating site, where you can get to know each other before meeting in real life.

Please be aware that scammers roam dating sites. The scammers may be posing as girls, men, or ladyboys. Do not send money or any other valuables to anyone you have met on a dating site unless you know her well and have already met her in real life. That includes paying for plane tickets for her to visit you.

You should meet her for the first time in Thailand. Take a vacation to where she lives to find out whether there is a sparkle in real life and to see whether she actually exists.

If there is no sparkle in real life, it is easier to break up and go somewhere else in Thailand for a holiday. If you meet for the first time in your country, it is much harder to send her back home; and you may have to have her around for longer than you want to.